Dark Eros

Dark Eros - H. Raven Rose H, Raven Rose's DARK EROS is a study in contrasts: Two relatively naive young women-- one overweight, one thin, one sexually experimental, one monogamous-- containing brutal passages of graphic descriptions of murder interwoven with brilliant spiritual passages of light and hope. The novel also contains intimate explorations of the two young woman's relationship exposing their natural humor as it also explores the almost sadist-masochistic relationship of the lead character'r relationship with her live-in boyfriend Kevin. And just as you begin to question why would Leila profess her love of such a man, the author skillfully answers the question. And contained within that answer is the motive that propels the novel forward and toward its devastating conclusion for one of the characters (no spolier here!) and redemption for another.
This book is a fast,entertaining, enjoyable read containing good solid characters you can root and feel for. Some readers may feel the pace is a bit slow in the beginning with perhaps a stray scene or two, but hang with it, this author is building something for which you will be rewarded.