Girl in The Glass

Girl in The Glass - Zoe Brooks The Girl in the Glass is a sweeping romance of a coming of age story that follows the trials and tribulations of heroine Anya (Judith) as she struggles to overcome great obstacles in a journey that is physical, emotional, and spiritual. Anya is orphaned at a young age—merely eleven and left to live as a servant in her Aunt’s house with her Shadow, Eva. Here, though she does not understand why, she is despised by her aunt whom she desperately wants only to please and from whom she desires the one thing she knows she will never receive – love. Under the tutelage of the taciturn housekeeper Marta, Anya learns to survive the unrelenting punishments that come her way every day for reasons large and small. It is through these very punishments, through her stalwart endurance that Anya first begins to grow. Like a young wild weed that will take nourishment from whence it can, Anya reaches towards anything that will help her grow.
Desperate for kindness, she mistakes lust for love and is eventually banished from her aunt’s home. But even this banishment offers hope, for it is key to her escape from the oppressive household. Led by her shadow, Eva who has been surreptitiously developing a plan, the two young woman escape across the blowing desert sands to the bustling town to the North. They change names, and Anya, now Rosa, finds a brief respite—but more growth through hardship awaits.
Author Zoe Brooks, in an interview that immediately follows the book, explains that she has worked with abused women and her expertise and passion shows in this book as we follow Anya/Rosa/Judith’s journey and triumph. This book is but the first in a trilogy, which I look forward to exploring further.