A Dead Husband (Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery #1)

A Dead Husband (Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery #1) - Anna Celeste Burke For lovers of the cozy mystery genre, you have found a new star with Anna Celeste Burke and her latest “Dead ”series starring rich girl turned over-achiever lawyer turned sudden divorcee turned amateur and still bumbling sleuth Jessica (emphasis on the ca—don’t call her Jess!) Huntington-Harper. Friendly and endearing—even while waxing poetic about shopping designer that can go on for pages, or California cuisine—Jessica will eventual wend her way into your heart because this is no ordinary spoiled 1per center. While married to Jim Harper, Jessica’s practice centered on housing issues, and while investigating the murder of Roger, best friend Laura’s husband, when she ends up in the thick of it—as she often does—Jessica can give as good as she gets—whether with a well-aimed Jimmy Choo shoe or her fist.
Burke’s Palm Spring and environs setting is exquisite matched only by the lushness of her descriptions of this stunning desert area, the sunsets and golden afternoons and the magnificent Mission Hills House from which Jessica operates.
The characters are many and varied and fun from Saint Bernadette, Jessica’s petite housekeeper and surrogate parent, to her “cat pack” of loyal friends, the hapless Laura included whose husband was unfortunately murdered the one night she forsook her wedding vows, to the stand-in faithful lil bro Tommy, and pool-boy wannabe body guard Brien, and the impossibly handsome PI who assists Jessica, but fails to alert her gaydar.
This is breezy, swift, good fun with plenty of actions and twists that will keep you guessing—and reading.
If this genre is your cup of reading pleasure, you cannot go wrong here.