Bodies of Water

Bodies of Water - T. Greenwood Don't Look For Heroines Here

While T. Greenspan's Bodies of Water is exquisitely written, the story soon becomes not only tiresome but enraging. Yes, lesbian love was forbidden love; yes, an ignorant public, church, state, and families attached deep shame to something that was as natural as love itself. Yes, many suffered and even died during these dreadful times of unenlightened ignorance. But Good Lord, why would one chose to highlight not one but two spineless non-courageous woman in a book about forbidden love? And to layer on top of that that both of these women were trapped in loveless marriages with blackboard abusive drunken fools for husbands. I grew up in those times. Television was black and white, but real lives rarely so. Where was their spunk? Where was some fire? This book rapidly becomes a melodrama that makes Peyton Place a Masterpiece. Terribly disappointing. I also have lesbian friends who grew up in that period. They were either as mopey nor dopey as these two. Worse thing about this is the example this author is sending out to young girls and women in the world. Yuck. Just yuck. Grab your life! For heaven's. sake! I don't care what era one writes about! There are always heroines who will not allow themselves to be beaten and ridiculed and abused. In this day and age, why is anyone elevating a work that does just that!