Murder In The Family

Murder In The Family - Jeremy Josephs Heartbreaking

A very sad tale. Four lives destroyed, and why? For me, part of the deepest sadness was the boys. These were undoubtedly two of the most self absorbed, selfish people I have ever encountered. Good Lord, why on Earth did they have children. The image of Mark all alone on Christmas Day as his parents partied in Spain is haunting. Not that this condones murder. Of course not. But it does make one wonder about the entire community and circle. One of the friends wonders if there were anything she could have done. Yes. Perhaps noticed two neglected boys as she partied heartily with their parents, accepting presents from their globe-trotting as these woeful excuses for parents brought back nothing for their sons. The book itself is straight forward and quite British, that is cool and unemotional. Lovers of Gore and sensationalism may not like this style. I enjoyed it immensely. Parents beware. Those are human beings you are choosing to bring into the world, and you are responsible for them. Shame on all purveyors of abuse. And neglect is shameful abuse. Get a dog. Or better yet, a bird.