Miramont's Ghost

Miramont's Ghost - Elizabeth Hall History Far Surpasses Fiction

I, as many other reviewers stated, was led eagerly to this book by its hype and description. Unfortunately, the best thing about Miramont's Ghost is the Afterword wherein the history is laid out. I though as I read, "" Now there's a story.""
As far as what you get in the actual text- a boring, dragged out, frustratingly undramatic tale told with weak compliant, uninteresting, and exceedingly boring characters, not one of whom seems to have the least bit of interest in mastering his or her own fate- and that goes for the ghost, too. A supposed spine-tingling gothic ghost story told in a castle and we don't even have a single good haunting. 's. Hall is a good writer, but this is weak story-telling-- made even weaker when one is privy to the historical facts. I would not recommend nor chose to read another by this writer.