New Hope

New Hope - Steve Hobbs The debut YA thriller/suspense novel NEW HOPE by Steve Hobbs should be a summer hit for teens and pre-teens. Packed with a wide range of characters from lead Miri Jones whose wit and pluck will remind the older set of our heroine, who else but Nancy Drew—but updated, to her summer charge Chris just as surprisingly stalwart and on through to the older generation of Chief Jones and Brian Marlowe – who hold their own surprises—and to the spine tingling chill of this remote fictional town’s supernatural inhabitants. It is these inhabitants, and the battle that ensues that form the crux of the story – discovered innocently enough during a morning run by Miri—when she finds a body by the side of the trail.
As packed as the characters list is, even more so is the action as the intrepid band of teens contests both psychologically and physically the monster vampires.
Hobbs provides enough twists and turns to keep you on your toes and the pages turning, providing both laughs and pathos along the journey.
The inevitable comparisons to Stephen King will arise; Hobbs even embeds the famed Maine author into the storyline. As another Christopher Marlowe once quoted, “Comparisons are odious…” Read this book for the journey it provides to New Hope and its band of cockeyed brave warriors. I wonder what they will be up to next?