Murder on the Mind

Murder on the Mind  - L.L. Bartlett Not Much of a Mystery

I started this book with a lot of high hopes- psychic detective, thousands, not hundreds, but over two thousand 4 and five star reviews, but soon found myself plowing through yet another over-hyped Kindle, eagerly anticipating the final page so I could be done with a mediocre at best read. This story, as a handful of readers have written, is a snore, and there is simply no mystery. The psychic element is interesting, but is not used well. The writer uses it only instead of detection. And why in God's name would anyone talk to this guy anyway? There is no earthly reason. Even the brothers' backstory is dull and just ordinary and flat. Eventually, you do end up cheering for the three main characters a tad, but it is a long haul. I will definitely not be back for more. How does one get over 2000 stellar reviews for such pablum? That is the real mystery.