Murder Across The Ocean

Murder Across The Ocean - Charlene Wexler Charlene Wexler's Murder Across the Ocean will keep you guessing as Ms. Wexler leads you through layers of intriguing shrouded family history on the way to solving who murdered Lori Brill’s long ago teenage crush Josh Wheeler. Winging her way to London to visit granddaughter Cate, astonishingly, Lori runs into Josh on the overseas flight, and the never quite dead embers are reignited ending with a risqué assignation in the Palace Hotel upon arrival in London and a bloody and brutally murdered Josh in the hotel bed as Lori showers the next morning. Jet-lagged and grieving, Lori is thrust into the middle of an ever-widening investigation involving not only Scotland Yard but the American FBI, and as the last person who saw Josh alive, finding herself not only as a witness but as the prime suspect.
Ms. Wexler’s mystery is filled with colorful characters and a terrific storyline that will keep you engaged, including a love triangle involving granddaughter Cate and also a promise of love for the long-suffering Lori. However, about three-quarters through, the love stories take over the mystery, which does cause the book to wander and slow down a tad. Nevertheless, the book is a good solid satisfying read and Lori a plucky intrepid heroine and one audiences will love to rally behind and cheer on.