Kronos Duet

Kronos Duet - A.H. Richards Kronos can reference both the father of Zeus and a time-sharing computer operating system – both apt metaphors for A.H. Richards novel Kronos Duet-- an at times so splendidly written polemic on God, the universe, the mind, eternity, and space—both inner and outer-- it will leave you breathless. The story focuses on Gareth Pugh, time-traveler of the mind, and his daughter Adrianna, who traverse the universe in search of nothing less than the meaning of everything…well, that is his search. We don’t really know what she is searching for and neither does she until the very end where the tale comes together in an explosive and extraordinary finale—reminding one of the fiery nature of the cosmos itself. If there is a challenge here—it is in the long wait for this denouement.
The premise Mr. Richards uses of time-travel within one’s own mind is brilliant and engaging. The use of the alien plant species Anis to assist is a wonderful addition – I would have loved to have even more development of the Anis as a character. Gareth is painted as brilliant but something of a stumblebum—which lands him in all kinds of trouble as he zings across the universe in search of the ultimate answer. It is in these searches where we tend to get a little lost: sometimes the places Gareth lands sounding too much alike as does the characters’ dialogue.
This is a book that demands your attention—there is a lot of information about what the Anis does and how one travels in time and what becomes of one—how the ephemeral body slowly devolves back to solid. It is well worth your time and attention. And then there are those gorgeous narratives.
I look greatly forward to more from A.H Richards. Full disclosure: I became acquainted with Mr. Richards via an Internet author’s group. My acquaintance and agreement to read and review his book has not colored my opinions or this review.