Mikawadizi Storms

Mikawadizi Storms - Dennis Vickers Dennis Vickers MIKAWADIZI STORMS has a cast of thousands…, well, 45, and is presented in short sweet character sketch vignettes—complete with Mr. Vickers enchanting portraits—that sometimes leave you longing for more depth and expansion, sometimes leave you breathless and confused especially if reading on a Kindle or similar device on which it is not so easy to flip back and forth to a character list. However, the charming character of Evie Arnold provides our continuity, and if we allow her to guide us through Mr. Vickers kaleidoscopic fable, and simply let go and run—we are in for a delight.

MIKAWADIZI STORMS is a novel of a different stripe. Some readers may find some of the philosophical sojourns a bit too “heady” and dry, perhaps taking them “out of the story” a tad too far. They are, however, deeply informative, posing challenging and thoughtful questions. They are also masterly countered by the many and wondrous plethora of additional characters that romp through this magical tale so that balance is ultimately achieved.

Mr. Vickers has created a truly magic realism world where bears and stuffed cats and trees speak—far more wisely than any human, and a human, so torn by his European and Native heritage that born as one, he renders himself into two—or does he? In this fabulous world, perfect punishment is meted out: hands grow and skin covers with redness and rash for misdeeds done with those hands and the misdeed-doer—even if he is a former dunder-headed human can and does reach blessed enlightenment. In the end (not really a spoiler) Mother Nature triumphs, Native spirits dance at the edge of doom, red and white mothers nurse their babies in tandem, and we are left with a great feeling of hope in our present age of far too much despair and rampant hopelessness.

So, dare to take a walk on this wild side. You will not be sorry you ventured into these beautiful and awesome woods.