Moments in Time: A Collection of Short Stories

Moments in Time: A Collection of Short Stories - Brian    Wilson MOMENTS IN TIME by Brian Wilson, much like Mr. Wilson’s travel stories presents a slice of life narrative, indeed, quick snapshots of “moments in time,” whether they be the moment a child is leaving home, couples are traveling abroad together for the first and quite uncomfortable time, an adult child is experiencing the shocking deterioration of his aging parent, or a community is living through and moving past a devastating and shocking 6.3 earthquake that has claimed 118 lives, countless businesses, and disrupted the everyday lives of the inhabitants. But as we discover as we make our way through these thirty short stories, scattered photography and a few poems, we are in the hands of a very sturdy rudder. There will be no wild swings of drama within these pages; what you will find is a dry and subtle wit, often tongue in cheek, and an over-riding philosophy that tells you, as Mr. Wilson writes in one of his poems: “Find the sunshine in bad weather/ Remember there is always hope;” as well as the sense as stated in the story “No End in Sight: “Let’s just get on with life instead of fluffing about and erring on the side of caution…”
Mr. Wilson’s travel stories present the most beautifully written passages in their descriptions of foreign lands. Many of the pieces are so subtle they seem like simple conversations, but more often than not hold a gem of wisdom, and again the writer’s philosophy such as in his piece, “Dad,” which probably sums up the entire book as well as the horrific natural disaster that occurred at Christchurch on 2/22/2011 at 12:51 p.m. “…our lives are always in God’s hands—even when we think we are in control…” My personal favorite is probably the shortest piece: “A Moment of Truth,” in which Mr. Wilson blends the present with the future and reality with nightmare. This piece reminds me of the work of Rod Serling. I would love to see Brian Wilson develop more stories along this line.
I had read and reviewed BUMPY ROADS before I read MOMENTS IN TIME—which, I suppose might be a bit backward as BUMPY ROADS was written after MOMENTS IN TIME. Having lived through the terrifying Northridge earthquake, I wondered at first about the lack of those wild swings of emotion. However, especially now after reading more of Mr. Wilson, I realize he has got it just right. This is his voice, telling his stories, his way. And what a delightful way it is. So grab a copy of MOMENTS IN TIME, sit back, relax, and don’t forget to brew a cup of tea. In Mr. Wilson’s very strong and capable hands, you will soon know, all is right with the world, one way or another, in this or any other moment in time.